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To maintain an effective vaccination campaign oversight and assist the government of Nepal agencies in increasing the efficiency and impact of Covid-19 vaccination, LIG is currently planning and devising Nepal Open Vaccines Project (NOVA) - a government support tool innovation that aims to develop tracking and monitoring platform consisting of geospatial data and mapping technology. NOVA will support the Covid-19 vaccination plan of the government of Nepal by tracking and monitoring the procurement, distribution and implementation of vaccination programme throughout the country.

The solution aims to support the central government as well as local government bodies in distributing vaccines and plan for efficient logistics and management, assess gaps in near real-time, identify pockets of inequitable distribution, and monitor overall performance of Nepal's Covid-19 vaccination drive.

With accessible near real-time public data, it will play a key role in disseminating timely, accurate and credible information thereby boosting community engagement and confidence in vaccines, and debunking false rumors and misconceptions relating to safety and efficiency of vaccines, but concurrently mobilizing the media in highlighting cases of interruptions, service gaps and mismanagement.

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