Programmes & Projects | Our powerful presence at Open Government Partnership Summit in Paris

Since its founding in 2011, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) has highlighted the urgent need for better governance throughout the world by promoting transparency, more robust efforts to combat corruption and harness the power of technology to strengthen institutions. Now in it's 6th year, the OGP has grown for 6 countries to 38 member states today. Continued growth in 2017 seems certain as an additional 30 countries, including Nepal, are now eligible to join the OGP movement.

As a founding member of the Open Government Partnership movement in Nepal, LIG's Pranav Budhathoki was invited to attend the Open Government Partnership Global Summit 2016 in Paris to discuss the state of OGP in Nepal today. With 3000 representatives from 70 countries in attendance, this summit presented participants of various backgrounds like heads of state, ministers, journalists and digital innovators. With LIG's previous experience in improving accountability and transparency in the earthquake response, Pranav was a panellist speaker in two discussions both held on December 8th 2016. They were;

  • Tracking Progress on SDG16: National Level monitoring of effective, accountable and inclusive institutions: bringing together government and civil society representatives, the discussion explored the utility and limitations of international indicators (like the SDGs) to their work. Ideas on how to enhance the practical utility of international data driven monitoring efforts while managing expectations on the limitations of such efforts formed the bulk of this discussion.
  • Open Government in Challenging contexts: this discussion wanted to bring stakeholders working on open government in countries undergoing reconciliation and state building processes to share some of the challenges they have faced in their work, how they maintain sensitivity to reform as well as explore how OGP can be a useful platform for reformers to assist in their work. This session brought together government representatives, civil society and other practitioners.

Pranav's participation at the Summit in Paris has reinforced LIG's commitments to the OGP movement and has strengthened our resolve to see Nepal become a full-fledged member of OGP in the coming years.