Know Us | What do we do ?

LIG loses its sleep over the government's inability to establish an inclusive governance system where public concerns make way into policy process.

But that does not mean we challenge the government and duty bearers to change their ways - we are umbilically tied to government agencies and work towards effecting change from within. And in so doing, we use what we have expertise in - civic technologies and process innovation that enhances government service delivery across policy sectors.

People call them GovTech and Civic Tech - for us it's an everyday drill with a wide range of process innovations for the government to increase their efficiency, transparency and responsiveness, while concurrently onboarding citizens with their government to demand better public services.

Towards this end, we have we collaborated with UN and Home Ministry of Nepal for a large scale feedback project for earthquake affected Nepalis, made relief funds transparent and accountable, GIS mapped public spending with citizen feedback embedded into governance process, supported the electoral process with Social Media Observatory, helped Nepal Police modernize to name a few. As of 2021 we are also adding Growth & Enterprise Program, helping young Nepalis set up startups.

Along the way we have also won coveted awards Echoing Green and D-Prize and have been featured in world's premier media outlets like Forbes, BBC, New York Times, Huffington Post, SciDevNet, Civic Hall etc.

Always striving to be a part of international community of practice, we are a member of Civicus, Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, Opening Parliament Forum, and recognized partner for Open Government Partnership.