Know Us | Our Approach to Interventions

LIG plans to make people's grievances seep into policymaking in its most unprocessed form and, deliver. Not exactly rocket science.

We go back to the basics in search for answers. Most of the knowledge to lift the poor out of poverty already exists on the ground. These are learned, promoted and replicated.

Access counts as much as ideas do. We believe that key to measurable impact in any development intervention is when sincere local office bearers are pulled to the frontline of service delivery; simply because they have the prime interest in seeing things improve.

Our programmes are designed and shoehorned into community needs, not funding proposals. To create a permanent impact, our requirement is long term strategic partnership, not off the cuff grants. Therefore, LIG does not seek financial support from donor's existing funding programmes.

Policy solutions by international community are essential, particularly in making development interventions technical and crosscutting. But we need to make the most of local's street creed. Locals know how people react to development projects and who to talk to in spotting defects and errors, follow village tea-shop gossips rather than Twitter to gain insights outsiders normally wouldn't.