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Part of something big…

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Emily Warburton in London

First to settle the scores! Our Kathmandu office is schadenfreude-ing over our London related miseries we read. Too bad we don’t have any good comebacks to curse them with!

Moving on…. the idea of foreign aid is not new, it has been around with us forever. Trace back and you go as early as 18th century, when Prussians gave money to their allies.

Lot of money is going to the global south from the affluent north. Every decade or so, new catchphrase is created, donor countries gather around a campfire, hold hands and sing Kumbaya until disillusionment descends and then a new fad, another catchphrase is born. We have heard them all; Impact, Results, Visibility, Inclusiveness etc etc.

But something tells me Open Government is different; and we are part of something big, something historic. As our colleague says, “this is a pull formula in development, where you can pull people to the frontline by arming them with the information that they can use to challenge office bearers and demand better services from the government”.

And being in London is being part of something even bigger, as this city is awash with Open Data initiatives and communities. London has DataStore, UK government has OpenData , and now a spanking new website (pictured), and engineers are developing apps out of data at a breakneck speed in London’s new Silicon Valley, the East End.

Things are progressing slowly. There aren’t many takers even in this city. But there is a lot of positive energy and momentum in Open Government. LIG hopes that in the next few months, we will have come up with concrete Open Data Initiative in Nepal

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