What is Local Interventions Group?

Local Interventions Group (LIG) is an international non profit company that works for smarter governance by introducing technology-led development solutions. Our mission is to reform the government so that it works closely with the civil society and the private sector in addressing everyday governance problems.

Our core programme is Open Government, an initiative to democratise government information, increase transparency and accountability and allow effective public oversight. Crowdsourcing programme complements Open Government. We plan to start working in Smarter City in late 2012.

LIG grew out of a research seminar at the London School of Economics and launched programs in Nepal and Pakistan in September 2011.

Our 4 core principles

  • We collaborate with the government in everything we do
  • We work to enhance locally led interventions because they are effective and cost less
  • We shoehorn our interventions into community needs, not funding proposals
  • We think and work like a profit making company, extracting maximum returns on every dollar invested

Our Vision

Our vision is a government that works closely with the civil society and private companies in addressing everyday governance problems

Our Mission

Our mission is to reform the way government works

Our objectives

Under ‘Open Government’ programme our objectives are;
  • to assist the government in disclosing spending information and budget allocation
  • to make Nepal join Open Government Partnership
  • to make Nepalese government most transparent in the region when it comes to government spending and budgetary information
Under ‘Smarter City’ programme our objectives are;
  • to bring in technology-led innovative solutions from round the world in managing the cities
  • to make cities more liveable by enhancing government’s role
  • to make cities more safe and secure,
  • to make cities work as engines for economic growth